Who am I?

In the 40’s dad who enjoys life in the company of my soon to be wife Eva and our four kids; three teens and one in her 20’s.

Avid boardgamer, who thinks that playing board games is the solution to end all wars and bring peace and good will to men.

Doing and have done some volunteer work playing games with kids with heart disorders, kids who come from a “tough” environment and kids that are feeling lonely.

Have done board gaming jobs for big companies like big pharmaceutical and IT companies. They all have the wish to try something different with the need of “heavy” interaction.

Passionate Ignite speaker, and have been speaking for Team Rynkeby / Childrens Cancer Foundation on different occasions.

Has decided to hide my nerd look inside a small fat little hipster goblin with tattoos.

Write me a message if you want to learn more or we should engage in some board gaming experiences. The easiest way is by twitter at @shihunt.