Review: Can you run a Gallery?

In Denmark there is a street in central Copenhagen where you find a lot of galleries. None of them, or any other gallery in the world, are owned by mr. Vital Lacerda. Nonetheless he has designed a board game where you run a gallery, and compete to make it the best gallery in town.


A theme like that? I had to own it. Did not know if the game was good or not, but I just had to. The game is The Gallerist.

In the game you have to buy up pieces of art, support the artists, promote them, deal on the international art market and make sure your assistants are best utilized in supporting your gallery. Also you have to decide the audience/buyers you wish to attract to your gallery by clever use of tickets, or even “steal” the buyers from your competitors.

The game board – The Gallerist

The game is a heavy euro game where you have one action. That action is performed by yourself represented by a very nice looking meeple (is it even a meeple?), and you chose which action you have to do. You can “only” make four choices, but in each choice you have a secondary choice to make. E.g. when choosing the artist space you can either support an artist or buy a piece of art.

When you leave one space to take an action you can, if you have any, leave an assistant that will give you another action if someone else enters that space, and that makes the game even more deep; they become a passive worker waiting to be activated by someone else. Also it is possible to spend your reputation to get funding or promoting an artist. The design for that is quite brilliant.

Even though you only get to do one action in your turn the game is incredible deep. You really have to think and plan ahead. I know it sounds wrong, but that is normally not a game for me; I do like to think and plan – sometimes. There are no dice, and the chaos element is very low.

But oh, do I love this game!

Brian Rygaard (me)

You have to spend money to earn money, and in the end the one with most of those € win the game. So you always have to consider the worth of the money you spend. Will they bring back the return on investment you had planned.

Have tried the game with two players and four players and it works both ways. I have been entertained greatly each and every time this one hit the table.

A short note on Vital Lacerda. I love his games. He is a master designer, and for me the best designer at the moment. Have played Vinhos where I had to run a vineyard in Portugal (his home of origin), Kanban where I had to plan the production of cars and The Gallerist.


Game components The Gallerist – cool or what?

Will I be playing this game again: YES – most definitely

Will I recommend it to others: Yes – but if you are an inexperienced player this is not the place to start. The rules are very understandable though.

Component quality: Awesome…

Rating: 9/10


Review: Einstein, Zeppelin, og alle de andre store kører race

Når man skal afgøre hvem der er den bedste opfinder så har det altid været en tradition at det afgøres i et bil-race!

Det er ihvertfald den idé Orin Bishop har fået og sammen med Roxley Games har han så udviklet Steampunk RallySpillet blev fundet via Kickstarter, og det var også her jeg stødte på det. Det er den klart bedste Kickstarter jeg har været med til. De overholdt tidsplanen, var kommunikative, og håndterede hele forløbet top professionelt. 

Det gjorde jo at jeg havde ret store forventninger til spillet, og om de blev indfriet skriver jeg til sidst 🙂

Selve spillet består af flere faser. Hvis I har læst tidligere anmeldelser så ved I at jeg er meget glad for kort drafting, og dette er første fase. Hver spiller trækker et af hvert kort. Disse kort skal bruges til at bygge den bil du planlægger at køre gennem banen med, men da vi selvfølgelig alle er super opfindere så bygger vi på bilen mens vi kører.

Efterfølgende skal bilen udluftes. Her har du mulighed for at gøre bilen klar til at race videre, fjerne terninger der fylder op så (og jeg elsker også terninger). Der er tre forskellige farver terninger og de terninger repræsenterer ild, damp og elektricitet. Hver enkelt kort du vælger drives af en af de tre terningtyper.

Endelig skal der races. Her placeres der terninger på bilen der skaber fremdrift, stabiliserer den så dele ikke falder af, for det sker undervejs. Dette er hele mekanismen, at få hele bilen til at hænge sammen; sørge for at komponenterne kompenserer hinanden for den optimale bil.

Til sidst tælles skade op, og for hver skade du har falder en del af din bil af. Sprænger den i luften (og det sker hvis den falder helt fra hinanden), så dør du ikke men starter bagerst i feltet.

Spillet er super nemt at lære, men at bygge den perfekte bil er ikke så nemt. Det er faktisk ret så svært at få den til at køre da både de kort du kan vælge, og dine terningeslag afgøre hvordan og hvor meget du kommer frem. Samtidig vil dine modstandere alle gøre alt hvad de kan for komme foran, eller sinke dig.

Har hørt fra nogen at spillet bliver lidt for “optimeringsbyggeri”-agtigt med alt for lidt interaktion. Jeg er ikke enig. Det er helt op til dem du spiller med.

Nå – hvad synes jeg så om spillet. Det er ganske enkelt fantastisk. Drengene og jeg har spillet det flere gange, og vi morer os hver gang. Der er masser af forskellige strategier; en lille hurtig racer, eller en stor kompleks maskine der kan tåle masser af skade. Hver enkelt opfinder har også sit eget speciale, og banerne varierer fra spil til spil. Det betyder at det kan spilles mange gange, hvilket det også kommer til her.

IMG_0113Vil jeg spille dette spil igen: Absolut.

Vil jeg anbefale dette spil til andre: Absolut

Kvaliteten af spillet og komponenter: Bliver ikke bedre. 

Score: 8/10

Review: Quarriors by Mike Elliot & Eric Lang

The Knight of the Pale is summoned forth. He stands tall and proud, moving forward on a quest of glory. The summoner looks at his creation, but suddenly the knight is attacked; a huge dragon swoops down killing the knight in a blaze of fire.

“Damn”. The summoner curses “The others are here”.

Quarriors is a game where you take on the role of a summoner that is fighting for glory by summoning a wide array of creatures to do your bidding. The creatures are all represented by special special die with different colours.

The game is a game where you summon your creatures by buying them, and then they enter your bag, where you will draw them, you will roll them and hope for the result you need. When you summon a creature it will automatically attack the other summoners’ creatures. The game is for up to four players.

The game really works. You start up with the simplest 12 die, 8 mana die and 4 mana / monster die. You draw six from the bag and roll, summon creatures, buy new, and when the turn comes around you draw six new dies.

Each game is different as you randomly draw nine monsters and three spells you can choose from, so there is a very high level of replay-ability. It is a game with a few years on it, and it has a series of expansions – Quartifacts, Quarmageddon and more. Each adding new creatures to the board.

It is also a game where we always have fun. There are many different strategies, there are many different ways to victory. The cards have some text on it so you need to either be able to read English or translate for those that do not.

It has been in my collection for some time now, and we still bring it to the table. The chaos element of the dice is something I truly enjoy.

It is a game you can introduce to others easily. Fast to learn, and fairly fast to play 60 minutes of game time max.

Will I be playing this game again: Yes.

Will I recommend this game to others: Yes.

Component quality: Good quality. The die are all how dies should be, but they quickly lose some of the colour fill. It has happened in both the main game and the expansions I own. Could have been done better.

Review: Treasure Hunter by Richard Garfield

Treasure Hunter

It has been a fun weekend.

Received a game from Kickstarter, Treasure Hunter by Richard Garfield and published by Queen Games. It is a very simple game using a simple drafting mechanism. It is designed for 2-6 players and playing time is about 30 minutes… and it is fun.

The objective is to go in with your adventures and loot three different areas. The problem is that all the commotion have attracted a band of goblins, and they steal and plunder your campsite while you are gone – unless you have guard dogs to scare them off.

You win by scoring the most valuable treasures, and most coins.

Drafting is a simple mechanism where, in this case, each player receives nine cards. They pick one and send the remaining eight to the player on the left, at the same time they get eight cards from the player on their left, pick one and send the seven on. So you end up with nine cards and have to gather the best band of adventures, the strongest defense against the stealing Goblins, and the best magic items to boost your team.

Played it three times already (4 players), and I have finished last each an every time. The winner, each and every time, my 14 year old daughter. She just out-thinks us all. She is not normally a board gamer, so it is easy to learn. Whether or not the win streak is to blame, she has really fallen in love with this game. Even my wife, who thinks I am the biggest nerd, likes this game.

So the game is for everyone. What board gaming geeks call a gateway game, easy to learn for “non-gamers” (and I hate that term as there is no such thing, would prefer inexperienced gamers).

It is a game you can play without interacting with the other participants, but it is hard. You will curse when someone beats you to the treasure, or when someone has drafted all the dogs so your loot is stolen by greedy goblins. It is a game that allows for people to speak with each other. And you will laugh a lot, even when losing 🙂

Would it be playable for a group of only inexperienced gamers? Very much so. The rules are three pages long with pictures. You can learn this game in 10 minutes.

The game is designed by Richard Garfield. He also designed Magic the Gathering. In my opinion the game that really brought board gaming back on the main scene. Today it is a card game where people compete for huge sums of money and renown at international competitions.

Will I be playing this game again? Yes.

Will I recommend this game to others? Yes.

Component quality? Excellent quality, but I would expect nothing else from Queen Games.