An avid board gamer who saw how my own kids enjoyed playing board games, and experienced how people suddenly interacted differently and more open when playing board games. Gave me the idea to “spread the word”.

Have introduced board games as fun team events in major companies, and seen scientists, managers, sales staff, marketing and technical staff suddenly work together and have fun while doing it.

Have worked with children with social anxieties, where they suddenly opened up. Kids who decided that their iPads and smartphones were not attention stealers, when they started playing boardgames, and they actually spoke with each other *gasp*.

It is my experience that when interaction between people are based on fun, board games and either a healthy competitive gaming or corporative gaming environment where communication is essential, people will get to know each other better, they increase their understanding of each other and allow others to be who they are.

It is also a way where you get kids to open up, interacting in corporation to solve tasks while enjoying each others company.

Write me on twitter and let’s talk how and if board games could be something you would also enjoy.


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