Top 5’ish titles from Essen

One of, if not the, biggest board game conventions is coming up – ESSEN 2016. Guess what! I am going for the first time. Am I looking forward to it? God damn yes I am.

For those that knows me this is no surprise; I am prepared. Have looked at all of the 700+ new board games that will be released. Right now I have a wish list of more than 70 I want to check out. 10% of the total games there are games I want to check out.

Four days, seven halls filled with board games, 70+ games to look at. I simply do not have enough time.

Tabletop Together made a cool website where you can manage all your games. Thanks.

Will have to look more into the list; it is way too long, and way too expensive. Just got married, and that was one of the best days of my life. Weddings cost money, so very low on board game funds.

Have however some games I just really really want. The top 5 list is perhaps not the game I expect the most of when looking at the entire list. It can be the theme as well, it can be the people I know I am going to play the game with and all sorts of other criteria. I know that is different, but it is important to me 🙂

My top 5 is:

  1. Inis – A game with conflict and a nice drafting mechanic. You explore the area, fight for control of it. The game looks so stunningly good also.
  2. Mystic Vale – A drafting game with “see through” cards where you build up the cards. Love drafting and this is just so different.
  3. Overseers – A drafting game (see a trend here), but where you negotiate and bluff trying to decide who drafted the best hand.
  4. Tatsu – An abstract two player game. I really want to find this as my beautiful wife loves Backgammon. This is a Backgammon style game.
  5. Kanagawa – A game about art, and for some reason these games always appeals to me. You have to paint your masterpiece. Amazing.

A few games earns mention as well. Both Grizzled – At your Order, an expansion for one of the best coop games ever, and the expansion for Dead of Winter. But they are expansions and those were main games.

There were more, but these stand high and will probably all be in my bag when I leave Essen.

It is worth mentioning that I am really into art and theme. I might change my decisions when I get there. Three of the games above are pre-ordered.

Overseers. Amazing artwork, and so looking forward to bringing this home

Traveling with my good friend Thomas, and meeting with another good friend Allan down there, and their style and preferences are very different from mine; or so you would think. They are into the standard german style games placing workers, managing resources and similar. But they are getting those so I will play those games with them on Wednesday gaming night.

It will be amazing to go there. Hope to meet a lot of interesting people, try a lot of games and just have an all round good time.

… oh. There will be a lot of “weird” and alternative games there. A game where you have to find out which friend soiled the toilet, a game where you have to build up a domino landscape within a certain time. Both games I am seriously considering .



One thought on “Top 5’ish titles from Essen

  1. Honestly, I think you should buy both of the abstract games. Not only is it different from a lot of other games, but also seriously questionable titles, that I will love to try.
    I am sure I already told you this once already; but figuring out who clocked the toilet, is definitely a must-try for me. It has the weird-Japanese-like theme, which you expect because it is obviously from Japan with some One Night: Ultimate Werewolf and a teaspoon of The Resistance.

    Either did you not tell me about the domino-like game, or I simply forgot. It does not sound too appealing, but I will certainly enjoy giving it a try.


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