How hard is it to make citrus trees grow?

I am rusty. It seems that I cannot even make Citrus trees grow; at least not as much as I would like to. It also seems that I plant the wrong type.

Citrus before the fields are planted.

It has been a while since last I posted, and the board gaming waters have been shallow. Yesterday was a great day, and even though we were only two people it was fun 🙂 There are games that can be played well with two persons.

For a time I have wanted to try the board game Citrus. A game where you draw different citrus types from a bag, and then you have to buy them, plant them, harvest them, all the while trying to control the different farms in the area.

… but I am getting ahead of myself… Citrus was the last game of the evening.

We started with Dice Masters. Pitching super heroes against each other in a battle of super powers. I chose Beast and Iron Man to be my heroes, but for some reason Storm and Captain America was stronger, and Iron Man was left as a rusty pile of scrap.

My province in Isle of Skye.

It was a fast game, so we went on to play Isle of Skye where you build a province in Scotland, but the really cool part of this game is that your opponents choses which areas (tiles) you can buy, and which one to burned; three available, one burned and two left with a price he has to pay if you decline. Look forward to play this game again. A very cool part of the game is you get extra income when you connect whiskey with the mail castle. We are after all in Scotland.

Great Wednesday gaming night. In one week we will be back at the table, and we will be building a power grid in the game … Power Grid…

On a side note I have been asked to participate in a new board gaming night with Save the Children (Red Barnet). This time in March, and I am so looking forward to it.


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