Review: Can you run a Gallery?

In Denmark there is a street in central Copenhagen where you find a lot of galleries. None of them, or any other gallery in the world, are owned by mr. Vital Lacerda. Nonetheless he has designed a board game where you run a gallery, and compete to make it the best gallery in town.


A theme like that? I had to own it. Did not know if the game was good or not, but I just had to. The game is The Gallerist.

In the game you have to buy up pieces of art, support the artists, promote them, deal on the international art market and make sure your assistants are best utilized in supporting your gallery. Also you have to decide the audience/buyers you wish to attract to your gallery by clever use of tickets, or even “steal” the buyers from your competitors.

The game board – The Gallerist

The game is a heavy euro game where you have one action. That action is performed by yourself represented by a very nice looking meeple (is it even a meeple?), and you chose which action you have to do. You can “only” make four choices, but in each choice you have a secondary choice to make. E.g. when choosing the artist space you can either support an artist or buy a piece of art.

When you leave one space to take an action you can, if you have any, leave an assistant that will give you another action if someone else enters that space, and that makes the game even more deep; they become a passive worker waiting to be activated by someone else. Also it is possible to spend your reputation to get funding or promoting an artist. The design for that is quite brilliant.

Even though you only get to do one action in your turn the game is incredible deep. You really have to think and plan ahead. I know it sounds wrong, but that is normally not a game for me; I do like to think and plan – sometimes. There are no dice, and the chaos element is very low.

But oh, do I love this game!

Brian Rygaard (me)

You have to spend money to earn money, and in the end the one with most of those € win the game. So you always have to consider the worth of the money you spend. Will they bring back the return on investment you had planned.

Have tried the game with two players and four players and it works both ways. I have been entertained greatly each and every time this one hit the table.

A short note on Vital Lacerda. I love his games. He is a master designer, and for me the best designer at the moment. Have played Vinhos where I had to run a vineyard in Portugal (his home of origin), Kanban where I had to plan the production of cars and The Gallerist.


Game components The Gallerist – cool or what?

Will I be playing this game again: YES – most definitely

Will I recommend it to others: Yes – but if you are an inexperienced player this is not the place to start. The rules are very understandable though.

Component quality: Awesome…

Rating: 9/10


Were tanks part of the French Revolution?

To answer the question… No they were not, but it has been tank battle that has kept me from posting on the blog. We met Wednesday to play through the French Revolution with the board game Liberté by Martin Wallace.

And then the clan and I took on destroying the enemies in World of Tanks. A MMO computer game. Sorry about that 🙂

Prise du palais des Tuileries, Jean Duplessis-Bertaux (1747-1819). In 1792 the castle was stormed, and was a turning point in the revolution.


The French revolution started in 1789 and lasted for a full ten years. The game is the first self published game (2001) by Martin Wallace; one of the most well known and respected board game designers – and it shows. My version is the 1.0 version and it has some colour issues, but it did not affect game play…


… because this is a very cool game.

IMG_0329The story is that we are not revolutionaries, royalists or moderates. We are the people behind who wants power, and uses these three factions as our tools. We do not care who wins, as long as we have power over them. What a cool twist of theme eh’?

Over four turns you try to control that your faction wins so you control the present government, and as all other games the one who scores the most points win; You control areas supporting your faction using cards

but then the game becomes sneaky 🙂

Because there are some other ways to force a sudden death. If the radicals get too many provinces the game ends as they will chop of all the heads of those that do not agree (so you’d better be). And if the royalists suddenly control seven provinces that holds strategic importance the game ends, and then it does not matter if you lead on points or not. The one with most Royal support takes the game. Very nice twist.

We had great fun with an old game. We are perhaps also old people, but I think that my kids will enjoy it as well. Some take-that elements in the game.

Bought it used for almost nothing. Sometimes I am lucky.

.. or I perhaps just buy too many games?

How hard is it to make citrus trees grow?

I am rusty. It seems that I cannot even make Citrus trees grow; at least not as much as I would like to. It also seems that I plant the wrong type.

Citrus before the fields are planted.

It has been a while since last I posted, and the board gaming waters have been shallow. Yesterday was a great day, and even though we were only two people it was fun 🙂 There are games that can be played well with two persons.

For a time I have wanted to try the board game Citrus. A game where you draw different citrus types from a bag, and then you have to buy them, plant them, harvest them, all the while trying to control the different farms in the area.

… but I am getting ahead of myself… Citrus was the last game of the evening.

We started with Dice Masters. Pitching super heroes against each other in a battle of super powers. I chose Beast and Iron Man to be my heroes, but for some reason Storm and Captain America was stronger, and Iron Man was left as a rusty pile of scrap.

My province in Isle of Skye.

It was a fast game, so we went on to play Isle of Skye where you build a province in Scotland, but the really cool part of this game is that your opponents choses which areas (tiles) you can buy, and which one to burned; three available, one burned and two left with a price he has to pay if you decline. Look forward to play this game again. A very cool part of the game is you get extra income when you connect whiskey with the mail castle. We are after all in Scotland.

Great Wednesday gaming night. In one week we will be back at the table, and we will be building a power grid in the game … Power Grid…

On a side note I have been asked to participate in a new board gaming night with Save the Children (Red Barnet). This time in March, and I am so looking forward to it.