Is 2016 going to be great or what?

This is going to be my dream year!

And why is that? It is so very very simple… but before I get to that I will start with a story.

In 845 a city was founded in Germany. I imagine many cities has been founded in Germany, but this is a very special city. It is the city of Essen.

Essen-PanoramaToday it holds more than 580.000 people making it the ninth largest city in Germany. It was not really that big a city until the Krupp-family decided to build an iron works there. Then it really took off.

To be honest, and I do not want to offend anyone, I do not really care that much about that part of the story of Essen. What I do care about is that it holds the greatest board game convention in Europe. Last year (2015) more than 160.000 people attended.

It is the place to be when you are a board game geek like me. I have never been there before, but this year I will be.

… and I repeat… this year I will be.

My friend (may I cal you that?) Thomas and I are going. Four days of board games in October 2016.

The luckiest man alive (me), and Eva – my wife to be.

It is not the biggest event, although it is so very very close; and yet so far. The biggest event is that I am getting married (read here). Eva said yes, and that will be so amazing. Have only known her for eight years, so I think it was about time?

If I could I would invite every single board gamer to my wedding, but since you would never fit into my garden I will have to contend with “if I could…”

So Eva is going to be my wife, and Essen Spiel will enjoy my company! What could be greater than that?

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