Caught between two cities going to the theatre

When you have been working since 1992 it is hard to go back to school, but this Wednesday was school day. Building on my expertise with a business education, but my head hurt like hell, so I was not really that into going when I got home…

… and where was I to go? Of course, as always, to play board games with the group.

We were four people, we did not really know what to play, but I brought along Shakespeare. A game designed by RV Rigal. It is one of the best buys I have made for a long time along with The Gallerist. The Gallerist is designed by Vital Lacerda.

Our host T had bought a new game as well that he would like to try out, and I was like ‘meh’. It is a term I use much and it covers negative indifference; not really expecting much. It was the game Between Two Cities.

During Shakespeare I forgot to keep an eye out for which craftsmen my fellow players had available, so I chose to recruit wrong; lost an entire turn and for some reason that p!$$€d me off. So I had to use a few rounds to get back, and of course lost the game (by one point). Normally I do not get angry, but yesterday was just not a good day. I do however grumble a lot when playing 🙂

Still enjoyed the game though, because I decided to be positive instead of sullen. It was a decision, and it was mine to make 🙂

Main board of Shakespeare. Last round. I am the red scoring tile; yes I am last, yes I finished last one point behind second and third.

Now comes the ‘meh’ part. I said yes to play Between Two Cities because Shakespeare was over quickly. T pulls out the game, and it is a tile laying game with (simple) drafting; two of my favorite mechanisms.

The game is very simple. You draft some city tiles that allows you to build a 4×4 city. The catch is that you do it with your two neighboring players, and the each tile does some kind of point scoring. So you build two cities. The trick is only the lowest scoring city counts in the end game scoring…

… and because I had chosen to be positive I got to be positively surprised by this game. It really works, and it works well. It is a fast game, it is easy to learn, and it is highly replayable.

I will have to get my own copy because it will suit just perfect for when I play with Save the Children, and the Danish Heart Foundation (an NGO helping adults and children who suffers from a heart condition).

Oh! By the way. Between Two Cities is designed by Matthew O’Malley, Morten Monrad Pedersen and Ben Rosset.

Whether or not you are hardcore board gamers or just want to try out a fun game – Pick it up 🙂

My headache did not disappear, and I went home after that game, took a pill and went to sleep. I slept in, and was late for a meeting; god damn I hate headaches.





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