The outsiders! Are they really that weird?

Sunday afternoon was a day that I had been looking forward to. I was going to be playing board games (surprise), but not board games with the usual crowd.

Instead I had used my contact within Red Barnet – Save the Children to setup a day with one of their local activation groups. An activation group is a group where children who might not have as many friends, is feeling lonely or similar get the opportunity to meet others and have fun…

They are outsiders – not by choice but by circumstances, and they are perfectly normal children who have just had a lousy hand of life dealt.

We played for three hours and it was fun. No; it was more than fun. It was rewarding to see the joy, hear the laughs and people trying to give their best Arrrrhhh to be first player in the pirate shoving game (Walk the Plank). It was giving to see the work the volunteers put into making a difference for some worse off.

Il Sesto Senso (Mysterium). The Italian version of the Ukrainian game.

… and it took a measly three hours. Three hours of my life spent on kids who gave so much more back.

And now it is time for the proud parent statement. When I arranged this day two of my kids volunteered instantly. They wanted to help, and they wanted to make a difference. We read about people who do not accept each other due to religion, skin colour, weight etc., and here two of my kids just volunteered instantly. (And it was my son who got everyone Ahhhring – god damn it was fun, he really made them get into it).

It is not the first time I have done this, and it will not be the last. Yesterday I had a meeting with the Danish Heart Organization (Hjerteforeningen), where we arranged a day playing board games for children with heart diseases and their siblings.

I met with two women who have dedicated their lives to improving the conditions for children who have a (sometimes) very deadly and infringing disease. I am so looking forward to this as well.

This is also a reason for me playing board games. It was not what got me started, but it is a major reason of what keeps me going.

Just three hours – it was all it took. Should we not all be able to find three hours in our lives making a difference for those that have a hard time?

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