Never ever charge a laser machine gun and hope it will work out

Don’t worry, it will probably turn out alright…

Famous last words…

Session two of our Star Wars tour in the wonderful game Imperial Assault, where the death star exploded and the rebels are trying to get the Empire kicked off the planet(s) of the galaxy. And I had a flashback back to when I first saw Star Wars. “The Empire Strikes Back” – and they did so in force today…

… we got our behinds handed to us by an Empire that just never missed a dice roll, where we did – a lot. One example is that if my character (The commander) rolls a surge symbol he can stun one enemy. There is a 66% chance of me rolling that symbol, and it did not happen over the entire gaming session that lasted 6 hours and two missions.

Reckless wookie in Imperial Assault

Our wookie decided that it would probably be a good idea to charge an imperial gun nest single handed. It was not a very good idea, and he got massacred. Three turns later the rebels were crawling for cover, mending their wounded and preparing for the next mission. The empirial liner got away.

As I have written before: Imperial Assault is a very cool game. It really captures the feel of the universe. The game is very similar to other Dungeon Crawlers (games where you dive into a dungeon/on a quest and have to pull through).

Being decoys for the Rebel cause in Imperial Assault

Where a game like Super Fantasy Ugly Snouts Assault has a lot of humor, and Temple of Elemental Evil is a regular fantasy (knights, rogues, orcs, dragons etc.) kind of game this game is pure sci-fi with Vibro weapons, Jedi knights, The Force and all the other elements that makes us love this story.

Today the Empire won, but as we all know the rebels and the forces of good prevail; we will be back even stronger next time; and I am so looking forward to it.

May the force be with you.

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