My farm in Espories, Mallorca is prospering

All those bloody choices!

Either we had to control the factions in the French Revolution (Liberté), or we would have to build up a farm in Espories, Mallorca, Spain (La Granja). It is cold and winter in the North at the moment so our host had already made the choice…

… we were traveling to the sunny Mallorca to build a farm.

And I am glad he did, because this board game is very cool.


I am still looking forward to trying Liberté, and we will get around to that as well. What could be more fun than to pull the strings of the French Revolution?

La Granja is a game with a lot of different mechanisms, but they work very well together. You start by playing a card that can be either a villager that assists you, a field with crops, a contract you have to fulfill or a card that ensures better transportation (which of course is done by donkeys), a further development of your pig pen or other bonuses.

Then you get income and by improvements to your farm house… But the real beauty of the game is phase two – the dice rolling. There is a total of four phases, that would take too much text to describe but this video by Rahdo explains it wonderfully.

Main board of La Granja

9 dice determines the actions you can do, and you then choose one action based on the rolled dice. You do this twice, and then the final dice is done by all. I really liked this part of the game, so my villagers were people who assisted with just that. Blocking or benefitting even more from the rolls.

As you can see from the picture above the blog post the art is very good. The small blue (my colour) cube(s) represent every single good or commodity. They also help you keep track of your contracts scored, and my initial thought was ‘meh; why not different cubes for each resource’, but my doubt was shamed.

The game was easy to learn, and within the first round we all had it. we all had different strategies, and they were all viable. That is a great aspect of a game.

We agreed that next Wednesday will bring another game of La Granja. It really is amazing. My only regret is that the game is not mine.

As always a great gaming night with the regulars. So looking forward to next Wednesday.

If you tried the game I would love to hear your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “My farm in Espories, Mallorca is prospering

  1. I’m a big fan of La Granja and I’ve forced it on our 10×10 challenge.

    So many different mechanics and choices! I appreciate that the designers thanked other designers they were inspired by on the back of the rules.

    My only gripe is that i can’t keep track of all the ways to score VPs.


  2. @Mark. We will trying it Again this Wednesday to explore the game even more… And I agree; there are a lot of different ways to score points. Tried to go for an early agressive order fulfillment. It worked OK.

    Will try something different when we play again 🙂


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