A weekend just ended as a “sharing dad”

All people who are no longer with former partners where they have mutual kids know this feeling. It is so god damn hard when the kids are not here. I hate it because I love my kids, and I like spending my time with them.

Yesterday evening (my two sons) and this morning (my bonus daughter) we had to hand over the kids to their respective mother and father…

Proud parents

…but that is part of life in our house, and we know it happens, and as everyone else we are quite convinced that we have both the brightest and most intelligent kids in the entire world. The difference is that Eva and I know it to be the truth 🙂 So to all you other parents -> you are wrong.

One of the many reasons for that is that they actually, even though they are teens, love to spend time with us. They are not holed up in their small dens/rooms, and believe it or not, they like to play board games!

World of Tanks (the board game)

This weekend was no different, and I am not setting a love = willingness to play board games, I am merely being proud of the fact that they are able to put down their iPhones (three of four see this tool as the only true smartphone). They spend time, as all other kids, with the phone glued to the hand, or in front of the computer playing World of Tanks or League of Legends.

This weekend we have brewed the best cup of coffee (yep it is a board game), we have been building the best theater in the age of Shakespeare, and we have pitted Marvel and DC superheroes against each other to see who would pull out victoriously from the mayhem of battle. We have even sent Batman in search of the Joker and his entire squad of lunatics in Gotham, and build up a timeline of events in American history with the boys’ grandmother.


It sounds like we do nothing but playing board games. We do, but this blog is primarily my life with board games, and I feel that it shows if you invest time in putting down your electronic devices, and focus on life around you, you end up having kids that actually want to both speak with you, laugh and have fun. You get to see what fine and wonderful people they are turning into.

People normally comment by using my Facebook page, and please continue to do that because I would love to hear your thoughts. I know this is the second time I ramble against spending time buried in electronic devices – and I do it on a digital blog – go figures.

But do you disagree?

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