All the best of 2015, and that was really good

The previous post was all about the worst of 2015. It was actually quite hard to find games that I could describe as “worst”; board gaming is just that much fun 🙂

The top five is just as hard, but that is because it is way too easy to find really really good games. In my opinion it has been a great year. Three of the five top 5’s are games from 2015.

Let us look at the list where 1 is the best and 5 is still an amazing game, it just did not make it to the other spots. Did that make any sense?

  1. IMG_0222
    The Gallerist

    The Gallerist. The game by Vital Lacerda. It is really a cool game, and it is designed by Vital Lacerda, who had designed Kanban from the worst list. Running a gallery is a brilliant theme, and the game is just amazing.

  2. The Castles of Burgundy. Build your province in Burgundy using buildings, farmlands, castles, science, trade routes by sea/river and much more. Just a great game with dice rolling.
  3. Dead of Winter. A zombie game where survivors have to make the camp endure during the cold winter. But, and trust me there is a but that really brings a paranoid issue to the board, someone might be a betrayer that works only to make sure the camp succumbs to peril and zombies. The betrayer does not want to be found, so who to trust?
  4. The Grizzled. Another corporative game like #3. Here there is no betrayer, there is only the horrors of World War I, and surviving the war by the support of your friends. An amazing card game, and we have not made it through the war once. It is a really hard game. The sad side story is that the art work was drawn by Tignous, one of the victims in the Charlie Hebdo shooting in France.
  5. Sheriff of Nottingham. Bluff, lie and cheat your wares to the market in Nottingham, but beware the sheriff might let you pass if the bribe is big enough or if the lie is good enough. If not he will open the bag of goods, and if you smuggle you have to pay up. Great bluffing game. I tried it first in 2014 and was like ‘meh’. But I bought a used copy from a board game friend to play with the kids. Fun as hell.


The Castles of Burgundy

I had other games that were on the shortlist but did not make it; Kingsburg (build up your small province while being raided by monsters), Expedition Northwest Passage (discover the northwest passage, and survive in this tile laying game) and the only reason this is not in my top five is that I got to play it only once in 2015, Battlestar Galactica (who are the cylons and will we make it back to earth), Shakespeare (rehearse your play and get ready to show it to the queen), it belongs on the top five and would/should be there and is a game that I will get to play a lot more in 2016.

There are tons more to put here, but I had to *sniffle* choose. I truly hope that your 2015 was as successful as mine in terms of games?


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