All the worst of 2015 summed up

2015 was a great year ūüôā

In total I sat down and played 397 board games divided out between 114 different games. What a great year. I will hopefully get to play even more in 2016, and I hope the gaming experiences will be just as fun.

Feel I need to give you some different stats. This being the first post of – all the worst.

Bottom five games of 2015 (1 being the worst and 5 lousy):

1. Kanban: Automotive Revolution. A game designed by one of my favorite designers Vital Lacerda. Another of his games is on my top 5. The board just is just too much, and I never got around to understanding what was going on. Had to count on others to score my points when I did something.

2. Orléans. A game with a mechanism I would normally think very cool. Drawing your possibilities from a back, and you have drafted those possibilities yourself. The game never caught me, and I think that the reason it is here is because I expected more.

Skærmbillede 2016-01-05 kl. 21.42.57
3. XCOM the board game. I had real high expectations, and they were not met. A game where you have to think fast, and where each of the players have a unique role cooperating in defeating an alien invasion. The game uses an app, and one of the roles had to be the app keeper doing almost nothing more than telling others when to act.

4. Coup. Actually a game I have played a lot with loads of lying and hidden identities. Normally I love games like this (Resistance and One Night Ultimate Werewolf). This quickly becomes boring. My youngest daughter loves it, so we play it and have fun. But i will only ever play it with the kids.
5. Food Chain Magnate. This game had one big element that I love (and it shows) – fast food. Build up your fast food restaurant and get the customers. I lost in round one, and when playing two+ hours the fun quickly stops. Fun parts like hiring your staff and building your organization works really well.

There is not a game on this list that I would not like to play again. None of the games on the list are stupidly designed; they were just the worst experiences of the year.

Could you name your bottom five experiences?

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