Did I propose the wrong way?

She said yes (wohoo) when I proposed to her Christmas Eve, so she must love me 🙂

We had some of the family gathered and I had written her a card telling her how much I loved her, and what it would mean to me if she would become my wife. I had chosen not to give her a ring, but instead give her a special necklace with a glass clover.

I did not do anything fancy like stopping all the traffic on the highway, or get a commercial in the cinema to propose for me; all the while filming it and posting it everywhere (and it is the filming I really loathe here).

That seems to be the trend these days… and I do not get it. Does that make me old?

20130114-cellphone-624-1358351848To me it seems that every time we do something we have to film it and share it with everyone. We experience entire concerts through our smartphones, we film and invent the craziest marriage proposals, we film our kids when we know they will not get what they want/do get what they want for Christmas or whenever we do we perceive as something special; We even do this when we perform charity.

Hey let’s film this homeless man while we give him a cheap cup of coffee, and when he freezes afterwards I will post it in my warm living room while I forget all about him

… I simply do not get it.

Last Christmas Eva (my future wife), and me did some charity work where we got people to fund “Christmas” baskets for people in need. We got to deliver between five and seven to someone who really needed it. I remember thinking “should we film this and post it” and I remember the idea repulsed me. This is not to glorify my actions so please read on 🙂

Whoever would want to be posted on my Facebook page receiving a Christmas basket for them and their kids because they were broke? Would they have refused had we asked? Probably not… because they needed the basket.

Instead I asked a Danish media to post that we were looking for people that would have a hard Christmas, and I posted a picture of my trunk with all the goodies because I hoped it would inspire others. Would the impact have been greater if I had posted “grateful poor people”? I do not think so, but I might have scored more likes…

Facebook likeAnd that is what it is to me. We have become so obsessed with likes, followers, “friends”, worshippers or whatever name we choose to give them that I feel it has taken off. We build alters for “god-like” people who do nothing but being famous with tons of followers on social medias.

When I post on my blog between five and 30 people read it. I feel fine about it, because this blog is for me and my passion and thoughts about boardgames, if people read it fine, if they do not that is also fine. I choose what to read as well.I write on my Instagram that people should help me avoid getting followers just because they hope I will follow them back. I hope it is the case here as well.

Am I just being a small weird fat old hobbit out of step with time?

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