Star Wars 3.5

The rebels have brought new hope to the galaxy after destroying the death star… But the Empire has not given up. A secret station has started broadcasting, and since the rebels do not know what is being transmitted they investigate.

We have decided to join the Star Wars euphoria, and launched an Imperial Assault campaign today. Five people in total, four Rebels and one Imperial.

What a great way to spend time. Fantasy Flight Games have really created a game that brings in the spirit of Star Wars. The game is called Imperial Assault, and is a standard dungeon crawl.

IMG_0218The team consists of a Wookie warrior, a sniper, an assault rifleman and a support commander (me).

On our first mission we had to investigate the signal, and disable the station broadcasting it. We failed. on the final turn the die were not with us.

On the second mission we had to assist two reckless saboteurs blowing up a data hub; here is where the game really show the force (pun intended). The only two given missions are the first and the last. The others vary based on our (Rebels) success and failures. At the same time our characters develop and so does the Empire forces.

We crushed the Imperial Scum

well… we defeated them in the final round. Well balanced game with tons of excitement.

IMG_0213It is quite fun to see how characters develop and we get to buy more equipment, use your experience points to get skills who assist on following missions, and great miniatures and quality.

Next time we have to fend off an Imperial task force assaulting our base.

… and tomorrow we are going to run an art gallery again. So any Christmas board gaming for you out there?

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