Had to perform an exorcism in a haunted house

It was just supposed to be a fun night out, but me and some others got caught in the house on the hill in a blistering storm. Luckily we had all brought flashlights!

We started walking through the big abandoned house looking for things to eat or just help us out of the predicament, when suddenly the old german doctor got possessed, and we had to perform an exorcism.

So how was your Friday night?

Mine was used playing board games with colleagues, and we decided to go into Betrayal at the house on the hill. An exploration game where you have to survive in an old manor, and where the game changes from game to game (the missions and the layout of the house change each game).

Six in total entered the house. Five exited; the possessed old german doctor did not.

IMG_1249.JPGIt was kinda horror night because we also got to play a game of Elder Sign based in the H.P. Lovecraft universe, where we had to push back an evil Old One. We got around to plain scared villagers hunting werewolves and their allies in One Night Ultimate Werewolf, and finally we got to play assassins killing targets and each other in 10′ to kill.

It was a given that I had no problem spending my last Friday before Christmas to play board games, but that five colleagues chose to do so as well was not.

I work in a company that has approx. 120 employees so I do not get to know them all, and some of the participants last night I would probably not have gotten to know if not because we shared the Friday. All doing nothing more than pushing around cardboard, accusing, laughing, discussing and just having plain fun playing board games.

I do not know anything else that can bring people together like that. Do you?

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