Do NOT let me run your Portuguese vineyard

Yesterday was a great day. well the entire week has been great. My mac broke down (yes it can happen), but one of my eldest friends works with mac computers and he got it back up and running. I think my mac must be like Harry Dresden’s old beetle (read The Harry Dresden files to understand the reference 🙂 ).

We had decided that the day was to be the official Vital Lacerda day. He is a game designer from Portugal, so of course we had to try our luck with his game; Vinhos.

Vinhos is a game where you run a vineyard, or actually up to four different vineyards in different Portuguese regions. You produce either red or white wine, and one region lets you produce port as well. The entire chain from production to sales (either nationally or internationally) is your responsibility.

None of us had tried it before, and you can choose to do A LOT in this game, but you do not have the actions to do all. the entire action system is based on 3×3 square with different actions where you move around. It is quite brilliant. You cannot just move around freely, and have to pay if you enter a space where another person is already located, or if you travel 2 spaces.

Really fun experience, and for a ‘designer’ day we had picked the right one. He has really designed some of the coolest games, and one of the best games of 2015 – The Gallerist – is designed by him. Unfortunately it did not hit the table yesterday. There was simply not enough time after Vinhos.

Once again, as has happened a lot, we decided on Stone Age. I was convinced that a new strategy where building huts had to be the wining strategy. I was wrong, and it seems that this game can only be won by the same strategy each and every time. Go for the cheapest resource (wood), and build/explore cards.

Any favorite designers or games you would like us to try out?



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