I am better at running a province in Burgundy than being leader in a small stone age village

Yesterday I learned two very valuable lessons:

  1. I am not very good at running a Stone Age village.
  2. I am very good at running a province in Burgundy.

Well; why is that so important? Because it was Wednesday gaming night with the regular group, and it was fun. Seven happy men gathered to play games. Ended up in the group with three players.

First we played Stone Age. A game where you, as the head of a village in the stone age, have to decide what strategy is best to ensure the survival and growth of your city. A real fun game that I have tried once before. You have to determine how many villagers will hunt, gather resources (yes they had gold in the Stone Age!), build huts, explore, trade, make children and loads of other stuff.

I chose a strategy where I went for efficiency when gathering, and then exploring to gain benefits from that efficiency (build axes that allows you to be a more efficient hunter, gatherer and then end game score points based on number of axes). Well it did not go well. Of the three village elders I came in last, and my small city went into oblivion. Still the game was fun. And I will hopefully get to play it a lot more 🙂

IMG_0144.JPGSecond game was Castles of Burgundy. It is one of my favorite games. You have to expand and improve your province by researching science, build farms, expand your city, establish trade routes and so forth. The game is really diverse, and you have many roads to victory; for instance if you build farms with the same farm animals neighboring each other you will get bonus points, if you build certain buildings they let you take other buildings/farms/mines/etc.  for free, and building castles lets you do an entirely free action of your choice.

IMG_0145When the dice in Stone Age hated me, and kept rolling too low to give me resources, the dice in Castles of Burgundy gave me everything I needed. Never before have I scored 200+ points (which is twice around the scoreboard). Every roll suited the strategy I had chosen, so a very comfortable victory. I do not really care that much about the winning, but I do care about the fun, and it was fun.

Next Saturday we’re going all in on Vital Lacerda games. He is a brilliant designer with Vinhos, The Gallerist and Kanban. Heavy worker placement games. It will be a blast.

… But what will you be playing the coming week?

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