Christmas is upon us, let us board game!

Let there be no doubt; I love Christmas. It is just a fun time for all where you enjoy that energy with your closest family, friends and fellow board gamers. Today is the first of December, and as we all know December is the month of Christmas 🙂

What do board gamers have to do with family and Christmas. Nothing I guess, but I just decided that now they are closely related.

One Christmas two years ago we brought out the game Super Fantasy Ugly Snout Assault. A fun dungeon crawler (you dive into a dungeon to kill a bad monster, and you work together doing it), and the year before we played a role playing game called Call of Cthulhu.

My kids love it. It just brings down the pace, and for me and my family that is very important. None of us like the Christmas where you stuff food in your face as fast you can; super speed dance around the tree and then open the presents with the speed of lightning without enjoying the spirit of Christmas. We have been places where that happened and we vouched never again in unison.

IMG_0142Does that mean that you have to play board games to relax and enjoy Christmas? No of course not, but I strongly recommend trying to slow down. It is not often that we get that chance, and I feel that we simply do not enjoy it enough… And why? Are we really so busy that we cannot relax? I think that some of us are.

Also I really like Facebook and Twitter, but why do we have this compulsive disorder to check it when celebrating Christmas? I do not know.

Well those were just my “oh boy oh boy oh boy – Christmas is so close” ramblings. Please enjoy the season, and if I have any control please just relax.

If you do not know how then board games actually might do the trick. Should you need inspiration write a comment and I will share my experience.

… but I would also like to know your views on the matter. Are you able to relax during Christmas, and what do you do?



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