Did I propose the wrong way?

She said yes (wohoo) when I proposed to her Christmas Eve, so she must love me 🙂

We had some of the family gathered and I had written her a card telling her how much I loved her, and what it would mean to me if she would become my wife. I had chosen not to give her a ring, but instead give her a special necklace with a glass clover.

I did not do anything fancy like stopping all the traffic on the highway, or get a commercial in the cinema to propose for me; all the while filming it and posting it everywhere (and it is the filming I really loathe here).

That seems to be the trend these days… and I do not get it. Does that make me old?

20130114-cellphone-624-1358351848To me it seems that every time we do something we have to film it and share it with everyone. We experience entire concerts through our smartphones, we film and invent the craziest marriage proposals, we film our kids when we know they will not get what they want/do get what they want for Christmas or whenever we do we perceive as something special; We even do this when we perform charity.

Hey let’s film this homeless man while we give him a cheap cup of coffee, and when he freezes afterwards I will post it in my warm living room while I forget all about him

… I simply do not get it.

Last Christmas Eva (my future wife), and me did some charity work where we got people to fund “Christmas” baskets for people in need. We got to deliver between five and seven to someone who really needed it. I remember thinking “should we film this and post it” and I remember the idea repulsed me. This is not to glorify my actions so please read on 🙂

Whoever would want to be posted on my Facebook page receiving a Christmas basket for them and their kids because they were broke? Would they have refused had we asked? Probably not… because they needed the basket.

Instead I asked a Danish media to post that we were looking for people that would have a hard Christmas, and I posted a picture of my trunk with all the goodies because I hoped it would inspire others. Would the impact have been greater if I had posted “grateful poor people”? I do not think so, but I might have scored more likes…

Facebook likeAnd that is what it is to me. We have become so obsessed with likes, followers, “friends”, worshippers or whatever name we choose to give them that I feel it has taken off. We build alters for “god-like” people who do nothing but being famous with tons of followers on social medias.

When I post on my blog between five and 30 people read it. I feel fine about it, because this blog is for me and my passion and thoughts about boardgames, if people read it fine, if they do not that is also fine. I choose what to read as well.I write on my Instagram that people should help me avoid getting followers just because they hope I will follow them back. I hope it is the case here as well.

Am I just being a small weird fat old hobbit out of step with time?

Star Wars 3.5

The rebels have brought new hope to the galaxy after destroying the death star… But the Empire has not given up. A secret station has started broadcasting, and since the rebels do not know what is being transmitted they investigate.

We have decided to join the Star Wars euphoria, and launched an Imperial Assault campaign today. Five people in total, four Rebels and one Imperial.

What a great way to spend time. Fantasy Flight Games have really created a game that brings in the spirit of Star Wars. The game is called Imperial Assault, and is a standard dungeon crawl.

IMG_0218The team consists of a Wookie warrior, a sniper, an assault rifleman and a support commander (me).

On our first mission we had to investigate the signal, and disable the station broadcasting it. We failed. on the final turn the die were not with us.

On the second mission we had to assist two reckless saboteurs blowing up a data hub; here is where the game really show the force (pun intended). The only two given missions are the first and the last. The others vary based on our (Rebels) success and failures. At the same time our characters develop and so does the Empire forces.

We crushed the Imperial Scum

well… we defeated them in the final round. Well balanced game with tons of excitement.

IMG_0213It is quite fun to see how characters develop and we get to buy more equipment, use your experience points to get skills who assist on following missions, and great miniatures and quality.

Next time we have to fend off an Imperial task force assaulting our base.

… and tomorrow we are going to run an art gallery again. So any Christmas board gaming for you out there?

Had to perform an exorcism in a haunted house

It was just supposed to be a fun night out, but me and some others got caught in the house on the hill in a blistering storm. Luckily we had all brought flashlights!

We started walking through the big abandoned house looking for things to eat or just help us out of the predicament, when suddenly the old german doctor got possessed, and we had to perform an exorcism.

So how was your Friday night?

Mine was used playing board games with colleagues, and we decided to go into Betrayal at the house on the hill. An exploration game where you have to survive in an old manor, and where the game changes from game to game (the missions and the layout of the house change each game).

Six in total entered the house. Five exited; the possessed old german doctor did not.

IMG_1249.JPGIt was kinda horror night because we also got to play a game of Elder Sign based in the H.P. Lovecraft universe, where we had to push back an evil Old One. We got around to plain scared villagers hunting werewolves and their allies in One Night Ultimate Werewolf, and finally we got to play assassins killing targets and each other in 10′ to kill.

It was a given that I had no problem spending my last Friday before Christmas to play board games, but that five colleagues chose to do so as well was not.

I work in a company that has approx. 120 employees so I do not get to know them all, and some of the participants last night I would probably not have gotten to know if not because we shared the Friday. All doing nothing more than pushing around cardboard, accusing, laughing, discussing and just having plain fun playing board games.

I do not know anything else that can bring people together like that. Do you?


Yes; I know. The headline is rather stupid. But that is actually what I have had to do today. The sons, my brother D and myself met at his apartment to play some board games…

… and I’ll tell you, that is just what we did. 12 games of different length and complexity ranging from 10′ to kill where you have to avoid detection as an animal assassin while having to get to your targets; being powerful wizards capturing and engaging creatures in battle against each other (Quarriors), and once again running a province in Burgundy (Castles of Burgundy). We enjoyed other games as well.

IMG_0163.jpgThe funniest experience was a small game called Aye Dark Overlord where you, as a goblin servant of the dark overlord, have to build up a story blaming the others and explaining why you have just failed your mission. Fun and simple, easy to learn where all you need is a little imagination 🙂 Who needs big and complex when sometimes simple can be much more fun?

I actually think that this game will be even more fun with younger kids. Their imagination can really get the story going I think – will have to try it out.

IMG_0162It has really been a cool and nice way to spend the day. Tomorrow we will do the same with a friend of mine. We will be 8-10 people playing board games.

And Friday the 18th this month will be the date where we meet at work to play board games. Think that I will bring Treasure Hunter and Castles of Burgundy, and perhaps Among Nobles. A new Danish designed board game where you have to ensure your noble bloodline by getting the right offspring (yep!).

And of course we will be doing Wednesday gaming night.

What a wonderful gaming week this will be.

Hope to see you out there playing some board games?


Games played tonight:

Skærmbillede 2015-12-12 kl. 23.23.33

Do NOT let me run your Portuguese vineyard

Yesterday was a great day. well the entire week has been great. My mac broke down (yes it can happen), but one of my eldest friends works with mac computers and he got it back up and running. I think my mac must be like Harry Dresden’s old beetle (read The Harry Dresden files to understand the reference 🙂 ).

We had decided that the day was to be the official Vital Lacerda day. He is a game designer from Portugal, so of course we had to try our luck with his game; Vinhos.

Vinhos is a game where you run a vineyard, or actually up to four different vineyards in different Portuguese regions. You produce either red or white wine, and one region lets you produce port as well. The entire chain from production to sales (either nationally or internationally) is your responsibility.

None of us had tried it before, and you can choose to do A LOT in this game, but you do not have the actions to do all. the entire action system is based on 3×3 square with different actions where you move around. It is quite brilliant. You cannot just move around freely, and have to pay if you enter a space where another person is already located, or if you travel 2 spaces.

Really fun experience, and for a ‘designer’ day we had picked the right one. He has really designed some of the coolest games, and one of the best games of 2015 – The Gallerist – is designed by him. Unfortunately it did not hit the table yesterday. There was simply not enough time after Vinhos.

Once again, as has happened a lot, we decided on Stone Age. I was convinced that a new strategy where building huts had to be the wining strategy. I was wrong, and it seems that this game can only be won by the same strategy each and every time. Go for the cheapest resource (wood), and build/explore cards.

Any favorite designers or games you would like us to try out?



I am better at running a province in Burgundy than being leader in a small stone age village

Yesterday I learned two very valuable lessons:

  1. I am not very good at running a Stone Age village.
  2. I am very good at running a province in Burgundy.

Well; why is that so important? Because it was Wednesday gaming night with the regular group, and it was fun. Seven happy men gathered to play games. Ended up in the group with three players.

First we played Stone Age. A game where you, as the head of a village in the stone age, have to decide what strategy is best to ensure the survival and growth of your city. A real fun game that I have tried once before. You have to determine how many villagers will hunt, gather resources (yes they had gold in the Stone Age!), build huts, explore, trade, make children and loads of other stuff.

I chose a strategy where I went for efficiency when gathering, and then exploring to gain benefits from that efficiency (build axes that allows you to be a more efficient hunter, gatherer and then end game score points based on number of axes). Well it did not go well. Of the three village elders I came in last, and my small city went into oblivion. Still the game was fun. And I will hopefully get to play it a lot more 🙂

IMG_0144.JPGSecond game was Castles of Burgundy. It is one of my favorite games. You have to expand and improve your province by researching science, build farms, expand your city, establish trade routes and so forth. The game is really diverse, and you have many roads to victory; for instance if you build farms with the same farm animals neighboring each other you will get bonus points, if you build certain buildings they let you take other buildings/farms/mines/etc.  for free, and building castles lets you do an entirely free action of your choice.

IMG_0145When the dice in Stone Age hated me, and kept rolling too low to give me resources, the dice in Castles of Burgundy gave me everything I needed. Never before have I scored 200+ points (which is twice around the scoreboard). Every roll suited the strategy I had chosen, so a very comfortable victory. I do not really care that much about the winning, but I do care about the fun, and it was fun.

Next Saturday we’re going all in on Vital Lacerda games. He is a brilliant designer with Vinhos, The Gallerist and Kanban. Heavy worker placement games. It will be a blast.

… But what will you be playing the coming week?

Christmas is upon us, let us board game!

Let there be no doubt; I love Christmas. It is just a fun time for all where you enjoy that energy with your closest family, friends and fellow board gamers. Today is the first of December, and as we all know December is the month of Christmas 🙂

What do board gamers have to do with family and Christmas. Nothing I guess, but I just decided that now they are closely related.

One Christmas two years ago we brought out the game Super Fantasy Ugly Snout Assault. A fun dungeon crawler (you dive into a dungeon to kill a bad monster, and you work together doing it), and the year before we played a role playing game called Call of Cthulhu.

My kids love it. It just brings down the pace, and for me and my family that is very important. None of us like the Christmas where you stuff food in your face as fast you can; super speed dance around the tree and then open the presents with the speed of lightning without enjoying the spirit of Christmas. We have been places where that happened and we vouched never again in unison.

IMG_0142Does that mean that you have to play board games to relax and enjoy Christmas? No of course not, but I strongly recommend trying to slow down. It is not often that we get that chance, and I feel that we simply do not enjoy it enough… And why? Are we really so busy that we cannot relax? I think that some of us are.

Also I really like Facebook and Twitter, but why do we have this compulsive disorder to check it when celebrating Christmas? I do not know.

Well those were just my “oh boy oh boy oh boy – Christmas is so close” ramblings. Please enjoy the season, and if I have any control please just relax.

If you do not know how then board games actually might do the trick. Should you need inspiration write a comment and I will share my experience.

… but I would also like to know your views on the matter. Are you able to relax during Christmas, and what do you do?