Are your kids caught in cyber life as well?

Mine are… I have four of them – two boys A & J, and two girls S & L. They spent a lot of time on their iPhones, PC playing CS:GO/League of Legends or similar or just chatting with their friends.

Is it wrong or is just the way of the world? I am not the judge. In my opinion it can sometimes be too much. It is my firm belief that we all need to interact socially, and it can be done by playing board games 🙂

Today L has one of her friends over, and when he saw the gaming room he was like…


We have since then played like six board games, and it is fun to see that they can actually talk to each other and not have their phones permanently installed in their left hand while typing with the right.

IMG_0067Her friend is not a board gamer. He has probably played Monopoly and Risk with the grandparents on their vacation, as many of us have and that was what got me started. He is a normal kid with tons of friends… on Facebook. And now we have a problem in our house. The friends wants to continue playing board games, and L does not 🙂 She will probably hang me when he leaves tomorrow.

I hope that when his mother picks him up he will tell her that he has had fun with board games, and I hope that he will think that it has been fun to put away the phone for a few hours.

We played some light games, and will go hunting for treasure later (Yep Treasure Hunter again, a game that is so easy to learn).

As December is almost upon us we will also be making Christmas decorations after dinner today. Both my wife (whom I love) and I feel that we need to do something different to motivate for personal interaction.

I do not know if you have kids and if you agree, but should you ever want to try a game or to feel free to write and I will gladly advice and help 🙂

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