The IMDB of board gamers

The Internet Movie Database is the place for all who wants to look up actors, trailers and other relevant information regarding movies, TV-series etc.

Of course board gamers also have a place we go. It is not as nice looking, it is not even easy to navigate, but we love it 🙂

Boardgamegeek is the place to be if you are into board games.

Skærmbillede 2015-11-21 kl. 22.57.41You have to imagine a site where we register all our played games, our entire board game collection, friends, forums and all other relevant areas. We subscribe to board game lists, designers, games etc.

It really is the place to be.

Every november boardgamegeek launches the Secret Santa program. Much like companies do, families do and friends do. This year 3.000 board gamers signed up, and this is what amazes me. Almost all of them comply to the rules.

Games are sent across borders based on wish lists, Secret Santas taunt their targets, and everyone is just happy talking, giving and receiving that which we love – board games.

Of course there are some who cheat, and then an army of Secret Santas will assist with games for the one who got cheated. It is not many, but it is quite amazing the effort put into helping those that are cheated.

Skærmbillede 2015-11-21 kl. 22.56.17This year it looks like Pandemic Legacy will be the hottest game. I received it from my Secret Santa; and I sent one to my target. This year I got a Secret Santa that really looked into me. Somehow he learned that I love Tim Burton movies, and sent me a small clip from Nightmare Before Christmas. He (and I do not know if it is a she) was just a nice guy who wrote kind messages.

He even added a little extra; Avengers vs. X-Men. A game much like Quarriors but with super heroes, and a booster pack setup like Magic The Gathering. So looking forward to it.

My third year participating, and I have fun giving and receiving.

.. and with the game received Christmas came early this year 🙂

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