How does a flesh eating rabbit become a sales object when roled in it’s own poop?

Well that is quite easy. It is part of our Wednesday gaming session…

One of the best board gaming experiences this year was when I tried Dungeon Lords. A game where you have to be an evil apprentice dungeon lord fighting for your right to administer monsters and hoard treasures as a certified dungeon lord. That game was fun, hard and did not take itself too seriously.

IMG_0125Yesterday a game from the same “universe” hit the gaming table of our Wednesday gaming session. DungeonPetz is from the same designer (Vlaada Chvatil), and it has much the same approach of not taking itself too seriously. I actually scored 18 points on the poop-infested-flesh-eating-rabbit above. Some farmer really wanted to buy it 🙂

The purpose is to breed, exhibit and sell your pets to the Dungeon Lords stopping b(u)y.

The game sounds fun, and it is… And afterwards we were all like ‘meh’. For some reason it just did not have the same appeal. Cool mechanism when determining start player with your imps. The beasts were fun, the art work cool and still not quite our game. 

The cool part is that in Denmark you can borrow all newer board games at the library, so none had spent money on the game. And we were not bored, we laughed a lot, but still…


We also played a fast game of Kingsburg. A game that is on my top 3 experiences of this year, might actually be #1. Your task is to build up a region in a trouble stricken region, and you do that by influencing advisors based on their value and your die-roll. Cool game.



On a side note, and I will do a blog post about that this weekend.

I was part of the Boardgamegeek Secret Santa program. Got Pandemic Legacy – a board game that evolves based on your choices and failures/successes. You have to rip up cards and stuff like that. I am SO looking forward to trying it out.

Christmas started early for me 

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