Please take my money…

It is fairly simple. You create a crowdfunding site like kickstarter and you add a category called board games. Then you have access to my wallet.

Most of you probably know the term crowdfunding, so I will be brief. You have an idea but lack funding, you describe it with text, pictures and video, you add a prototype and get someone to review it, and then you seek funding.

My profile on Kickstarter shows that so far I have backed 33 projects, and that only covers the projects where I have not been part of a larger group of mutual.

Some people complain about the games primarily selling on cool minis, and stretch goals (goals you get the more funding the created gets), and other similar eye candy. I love it. It is a different way of approaching the selling, and I love sales. Have done it my entire career.

Also some complain that the games are not the same quality as a game from an established house. The idea in helping is to try things out.

One thing that does bug me is that some companies that are already established use this platform to fund their games, even their re-releases (Artipia, Queen Games to mention two). That removes focus from companies and people with a more “weak” product or marketing engine.

Have I ever been disappointed? Not with what I got; so far I have been lucky with the quality of the games. A standard issue that I had a hard time with when I started crowd funding was the unavoidable delays. The longest wait was a game to be delivered early 2014 (January), and I received it last month October 2015.

Unfortunately there are examples of cheaters who do not deliver when they have received the money. I have not met them yet.

Well just a few ramblings from an old crowdfunder…

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