Piloting an intergalactic spaceship is not that easy

Yesterday we were gathered in our Wednesday group; six people in total met, where three of us had to pilot a spaceship through intergalactic space on important trade missions. One of the pilots was my son A.

We were playing Galaxy Trucker, a tile drawing game where you have to build your own spaceship, send it on a mission and see how it fares against the dangers of deep space. I have no official training piloting a spaceship, but none the less I survived all three trips.

A fun game of total randomness, where you draw tiles, place them based on their interdependence, and then off you go. All with an hourglass adding some time pressure as well. And I really like it. So does A, and J has tried it before. He likes it as well. Think I have to borrow it 🙂

We then traveled back in time, and had to manage our own Incan tribe, and using the motto Proper planning prevents poor performance control the calendar, and get the most resources. A beat me even though I have tried this game before and he has not – damn. We both got our behinds served to us by our host however. The game is Tzol’kin. It is already on my wish list on boardgamegeek.

On Monday we should have started our dungeon crawl gaming group, but one of the members has just gotten a new job (and that is nice), so we will probably have to find a new date.

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