Art gallery management 1:1

Vital Lacerda has previously had me running a Japanese car factory some time ago. Not really something I found interesting at the time, but still something I would like to try again.

Today he presented me with a new job. Art gallery manager. As you all know I love board games, and of course I am talking about a board game, and quite a fabulous one at that – The Gallerist.

We were only two at our Wednesday gaming brawl, and we agreed that the Gallerist was the game to try out. It was a first for both of us and not the last. You run an art gallery where you have to discover new artist, promote them, invest in art, mingle with international dealers and lots more…

… and it works really really well. You really feel that you are involved in the art dealings.

Although we went from eight last week to only two we had a nice time.

On Friday I will be doing a ZOMBIE night with some work colleagues.  All zombies and gore. Will be fun, and on Monday we will be starting up the Dungeon Crawl group with some Imperial Assault (Star Wars World).

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