Are your kids caught in cyber life as well?

Mine are… I have four of them – two boys A & J, and two girls S & L. They spent a lot of time on their iPhones, PC playing CS:GO/League of Legends or similar or just chatting with their friends.

Is it wrong or is just the way of the world? I am not the judge. In my opinion it can sometimes be too much. It is my firm belief that we all need to interact socially, and it can be done by playing board games 🙂

Today L has one of her friends over, and when he saw the gaming room he was like…


We have since then played like six board games, and it is fun to see that they can actually talk to each other and not have their phones permanently installed in their left hand while typing with the right.

IMG_0067Her friend is not a board gamer. He has probably played Monopoly and Risk with the grandparents on their vacation, as many of us have and that was what got me started. He is a normal kid with tons of friends… on Facebook. And now we have a problem in our house. The friends wants to continue playing board games, and L does not 🙂 She will probably hang me when he leaves tomorrow.

I hope that when his mother picks him up he will tell her that he has had fun with board games, and I hope that he will think that it has been fun to put away the phone for a few hours.

We played some light games, and will go hunting for treasure later (Yep Treasure Hunter again, a game that is so easy to learn).

As December is almost upon us we will also be making Christmas decorations after dinner today. Both my wife (whom I love) and I feel that we need to do something different to motivate for personal interaction.

I do not know if you have kids and if you agree, but should you ever want to try a game or to feel free to write and I will gladly advice and help 🙂


Theme; is it important?

For me it is kinda like a movie without a theme.

There are several abstract games without any theme, and they are just not for me. You will not find me playing chess.

IMG_0140It is just so cool to imagine that you are running a circus where you have to hire artists, helpers, determine ticket prices and similar (Drum Roll). It is cool to imagine that you are moving your forces to intercept a german squad (Memoir 44), or to side with the Norse gods during Ragnarok to find out if you chose the right side (Asgard).

For me it gives the board game character and it gives it purpose. It is not just a game where you move pieces around on some circles to take some other wooden pieces into first the outer circle and then the inner circle; I imagine I run that gallery, and I am discovering artists, interacting with celebrities on the international art market or do radio interviews to promote my favorite artist so I can score the most when selling the art piece (The Gallerist).

Some people know how to see through that – I cannot.

Imagine having to save the world from three potential Pandemics! It does not become more powerful than that (Pandemic).

When saying I always go for theme, well that is not entirely true. I really like to play Backgammon (and I truly suck at that game), I also enjoy a game of Crocinole very much. They are the exceptions that confirm the rule.



Famous last words: My last soldier seconds before he was crushed by a tank defending a bridge…


I have been an assassin hunting other assassins and my targets while having to evade the police (10′ to kill). Imagine the story and interaction you can get out of having to avoid being detected as a werewolf (One Night Ultimate Werewolf).

IMG_0133Does it show a lack of imagination? Or does it show an ability to really get into the theme? I would guess that it differs based on who you ask 🙂

Next game – controlling a bloodthirsty football team of orcs plowing down the enemies on the field (Blood Bowl Team Manager).

See you out there on the field.


The IMDB of board gamers

The Internet Movie Database is the place for all who wants to look up actors, trailers and other relevant information regarding movies, TV-series etc.

Of course board gamers also have a place we go. It is not as nice looking, it is not even easy to navigate, but we love it 🙂

Boardgamegeek is the place to be if you are into board games.

Skærmbillede 2015-11-21 kl. 22.57.41You have to imagine a site where we register all our played games, our entire board game collection, friends, forums and all other relevant areas. We subscribe to board game lists, designers, games etc.

It really is the place to be.

Every november boardgamegeek launches the Secret Santa program. Much like companies do, families do and friends do. This year 3.000 board gamers signed up, and this is what amazes me. Almost all of them comply to the rules.

Games are sent across borders based on wish lists, Secret Santas taunt their targets, and everyone is just happy talking, giving and receiving that which we love – board games.

Of course there are some who cheat, and then an army of Secret Santas will assist with games for the one who got cheated. It is not many, but it is quite amazing the effort put into helping those that are cheated.

Skærmbillede 2015-11-21 kl. 22.56.17This year it looks like Pandemic Legacy will be the hottest game. I received it from my Secret Santa; and I sent one to my target. This year I got a Secret Santa that really looked into me. Somehow he learned that I love Tim Burton movies, and sent me a small clip from Nightmare Before Christmas. He (and I do not know if it is a she) was just a nice guy who wrote kind messages.

He even added a little extra; Avengers vs. X-Men. A game much like Quarriors but with super heroes, and a booster pack setup like Magic The Gathering. So looking forward to it.

My third year participating, and I have fun giving and receiving.

.. and with the game received Christmas came early this year 🙂

How does a flesh eating rabbit become a sales object when roled in it’s own poop?

Well that is quite easy. It is part of our Wednesday gaming session…

One of the best board gaming experiences this year was when I tried Dungeon Lords. A game where you have to be an evil apprentice dungeon lord fighting for your right to administer monsters and hoard treasures as a certified dungeon lord. That game was fun, hard and did not take itself too seriously.

IMG_0125Yesterday a game from the same “universe” hit the gaming table of our Wednesday gaming session. DungeonPetz is from the same designer (Vlaada Chvatil), and it has much the same approach of not taking itself too seriously. I actually scored 18 points on the poop-infested-flesh-eating-rabbit above. Some farmer really wanted to buy it 🙂

The purpose is to breed, exhibit and sell your pets to the Dungeon Lords stopping b(u)y.

The game sounds fun, and it is… And afterwards we were all like ‘meh’. For some reason it just did not have the same appeal. Cool mechanism when determining start player with your imps. The beasts were fun, the art work cool and still not quite our game. 

The cool part is that in Denmark you can borrow all newer board games at the library, so none had spent money on the game. And we were not bored, we laughed a lot, but still…


We also played a fast game of Kingsburg. A game that is on my top 3 experiences of this year, might actually be #1. Your task is to build up a region in a trouble stricken region, and you do that by influencing advisors based on their value and your die-roll. Cool game.



On a side note, and I will do a blog post about that this weekend.

I was part of the Boardgamegeek Secret Santa program. Got Pandemic Legacy – a board game that evolves based on your choices and failures/successes. You have to rip up cards and stuff like that. I am SO looking forward to trying it out.

Christmas started early for me 

Please take my money…

It is fairly simple. You create a crowdfunding site like kickstarter and you add a category called board games. Then you have access to my wallet.

Most of you probably know the term crowdfunding, so I will be brief. You have an idea but lack funding, you describe it with text, pictures and video, you add a prototype and get someone to review it, and then you seek funding.

My profile on Kickstarter shows that so far I have backed 33 projects, and that only covers the projects where I have not been part of a larger group of mutual.

Some people complain about the games primarily selling on cool minis, and stretch goals (goals you get the more funding the created gets), and other similar eye candy. I love it. It is a different way of approaching the selling, and I love sales. Have done it my entire career.

Also some complain that the games are not the same quality as a game from an established house. The idea in helping is to try things out.

One thing that does bug me is that some companies that are already established use this platform to fund their games, even their re-releases (Artipia, Queen Games to mention two). That removes focus from companies and people with a more “weak” product or marketing engine.

Have I ever been disappointed? Not with what I got; so far I have been lucky with the quality of the games. A standard issue that I had a hard time with when I started crowd funding was the unavoidable delays. The longest wait was a game to be delivered early 2014 (January), and I received it last month October 2015.

Unfortunately there are examples of cheaters who do not deliver when they have received the money. I have not met them yet.

Well just a few ramblings from an old crowdfunder…

Piloting an intergalactic spaceship is not that easy

Yesterday we were gathered in our Wednesday group; six people in total met, where three of us had to pilot a spaceship through intergalactic space on important trade missions. One of the pilots was my son A.

We were playing Galaxy Trucker, a tile drawing game where you have to build your own spaceship, send it on a mission and see how it fares against the dangers of deep space. I have no official training piloting a spaceship, but none the less I survived all three trips.

A fun game of total randomness, where you draw tiles, place them based on their interdependence, and then off you go. All with an hourglass adding some time pressure as well. And I really like it. So does A, and J has tried it before. He likes it as well. Think I have to borrow it 🙂

We then traveled back in time, and had to manage our own Incan tribe, and using the motto Proper planning prevents poor performance control the calendar, and get the most resources. A beat me even though I have tried this game before and he has not – damn. We both got our behinds served to us by our host however. The game is Tzol’kin. It is already on my wish list on boardgamegeek.

On Monday we should have started our dungeon crawl gaming group, but one of the members has just gotten a new job (and that is nice), so we will probably have to find a new date.

Review: Einstein, Zeppelin, og alle de andre store kører race

Når man skal afgøre hvem der er den bedste opfinder så har det altid været en tradition at det afgøres i et bil-race!

Det er ihvertfald den idé Orin Bishop har fået og sammen med Roxley Games har han så udviklet Steampunk RallySpillet blev fundet via Kickstarter, og det var også her jeg stødte på det. Det er den klart bedste Kickstarter jeg har været med til. De overholdt tidsplanen, var kommunikative, og håndterede hele forløbet top professionelt. 

Det gjorde jo at jeg havde ret store forventninger til spillet, og om de blev indfriet skriver jeg til sidst 🙂

Selve spillet består af flere faser. Hvis I har læst tidligere anmeldelser så ved I at jeg er meget glad for kort drafting, og dette er første fase. Hver spiller trækker et af hvert kort. Disse kort skal bruges til at bygge den bil du planlægger at køre gennem banen med, men da vi selvfølgelig alle er super opfindere så bygger vi på bilen mens vi kører.

Efterfølgende skal bilen udluftes. Her har du mulighed for at gøre bilen klar til at race videre, fjerne terninger der fylder op så (og jeg elsker også terninger). Der er tre forskellige farver terninger og de terninger repræsenterer ild, damp og elektricitet. Hver enkelt kort du vælger drives af en af de tre terningtyper.

Endelig skal der races. Her placeres der terninger på bilen der skaber fremdrift, stabiliserer den så dele ikke falder af, for det sker undervejs. Dette er hele mekanismen, at få hele bilen til at hænge sammen; sørge for at komponenterne kompenserer hinanden for den optimale bil.

Til sidst tælles skade op, og for hver skade du har falder en del af din bil af. Sprænger den i luften (og det sker hvis den falder helt fra hinanden), så dør du ikke men starter bagerst i feltet.

Spillet er super nemt at lære, men at bygge den perfekte bil er ikke så nemt. Det er faktisk ret så svært at få den til at køre da både de kort du kan vælge, og dine terningeslag afgøre hvordan og hvor meget du kommer frem. Samtidig vil dine modstandere alle gøre alt hvad de kan for komme foran, eller sinke dig.

Har hørt fra nogen at spillet bliver lidt for “optimeringsbyggeri”-agtigt med alt for lidt interaktion. Jeg er ikke enig. Det er helt op til dem du spiller med.

Nå – hvad synes jeg så om spillet. Det er ganske enkelt fantastisk. Drengene og jeg har spillet det flere gange, og vi morer os hver gang. Der er masser af forskellige strategier; en lille hurtig racer, eller en stor kompleks maskine der kan tåle masser af skade. Hver enkelt opfinder har også sit eget speciale, og banerne varierer fra spil til spil. Det betyder at det kan spilles mange gange, hvilket det også kommer til her.

IMG_0113Vil jeg spille dette spil igen: Absolut.

Vil jeg anbefale dette spil til andre: Absolut

Kvaliteten af spillet og komponenter: Bliver ikke bedre. 

Score: 8/10