A & J, weekend and loads of board games

It has so far been an amazing weekend when looking at all the board games played with my sons. Today both girls and Eva left the house to spend time with friends, and Eva went to a party.

We thought about what to do, and after “long” consideration we decided to play a board game or two…

So we played:

  1. Eight games of 10 to Kill. A fast paced game where you get an assassin, and three targets. You now have to kill them while avoiding the other assassins and the police.
  2. A game of Curse of the Black Dice. Pirates have to work together but only one pirate can win. The pirate with the most treasure wins, but not if we do not survive the adventures. Nice fast dice game.IMG_0093
  3. We got around to a game of Run, Fight or Die. Zombies infests the entire land, and we have to survive and find other survivors. Another dice game – Really fun.
  4. Dungeon Guilds is a really fast game where you have to delve into the dungeon and survive the challenges, and loot treasure. An anime based card game with a fun style. For some reason this game really pissed A off.
  5. And “old” classic Terra Mystica was brought to the table. The only game I have rated 10 at boardgamegeek. Do not get to play that game enough.
  6. And the classic game of Carcassone. A tile laying game, and I really like tile laying games.

I really appreciate that both of them still wants to spend time with me. They are truly amazing. I might offend someone when I say that too many teenagers spend way too much time not being with other people. Instead they spend too much time on Facebook, online games or on iPads. These two teens actually like playing board games with their “old dad”.

Well – just my Saturday – and it has been great fun.

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