Wednesday and an old timer showed up

Quite a fun Wednesday gaming day with the group. We were eight people participating, and that is actually quite a lot – and that is cool. The actives in the group keep increasing in numbers.


I had promised Eva that I would be home early, and I was not. I was really tired this morning.

First game of the day The Voyages of Marco Polo. A game that I really like as it has all the elements I look for in a game; some randomness (dice), planning and placing for effect, and lots of variation as the board is never the same.

IMG_0085I was glad that I got one of the seats at the table. After having played three rounds it was evident that this night the dice hated me. No matter what I did I rolled so low that I could not get ANY resources. My plan of traveling fast across the map to Beijing worked, but without resources I was decimated.

Actually It does not matter. Still love the game. It is HIGH on my wish list. The only reason I have not bought it yet is because our always generous host Thomas has it.

Now an old timer popped up. This game was designed in 1995 and is older than my son. I once owned a copy but sold it because I thought the game looked boring. Boy what a mistake that turned out to be.

El Grande – a game where you try to control Spain with your military power and clever use of when you act. You are also able to “store” your caballeros in a tower, and three times during your game you can use them as reinforcements. They all come back at the same time, so you have to decide in which Spanish province you need reinforcements. Your enemies might reinforce in that province as well and mess up your plans.

What a great game. I really hate to say it but why on earth did I sell that one? It is funny that we all hunt the new games but within this past month two old timers have given me great experiences. Winner’s Circle – horse betting game and El Grande. Sort of makes me want to find my old Commodore 64 and play some of the old games again.

Next Wednesday has been declared

Let’s play games Brian owns and have never played

Yeah, unfortunately there are a lot. And yeah someone other than me thinks it is funny…

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