Micro Brewery manager looking for employment

Me after a trip to the sauna and a few beers

A few of my friends are some I have known almost since kindergarten, and that is more than 30 years ago.

This weekend we decided to take a weekend where we did not bring wives, girl friends, kids or anything else that could disturb us and just hang out like “the good old days”. As the only board game geek present I was tasked with bringing a few games. I chose two:


  1. Temple of Elemental Evil – the board game. We were avid role players back when we were younger, and ToEE was one of the best adventures around. So we tried our luck in the temple (and failed).
  2. Brew Crafters. We all have a healthy passion for beer, so managing a micro brewery had to be fun. It was. You control both the purchasing of goods needed for production, the lab, the brewery process, the bottling and the sale. Very cool game.

This post is not to talk about the board games, but more my thoughts about the trip. Is it OK for husbands and dads to leave everything for a weekend to just hang out and be “stupid” again? I actually think so.

When we settle in, I think that we sometimes forget ourselves, we get tangled up in our every day lives, and we loose some of the things that makes us who we are. We did not only play board games – that was actually a very small part of it – we sat in the sauna solving the world crisis’ everywhere. We talked about our kids and lives, we laughed hard about primitive poop jokes, and ran around the garden naked and drunk (the last part about the garden is a small exaggeration).

Some people might feel that it is not ok; that you are leaving the other part of your family at home. But as we talked about, we would come back with even more energy and love for those we chose to spend our lives with every day.

Well – just my Sunday ramblings. I love that I am in a relationship where Eva says “Get out of the house and have fun”, because when I am with her I also have fun. She truly is the love of my life.

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