All in a good days work

Above – new board games received (some were Kickstarters) within the last month, and there are two more incoming shortly (Run, Fight or Die is one of them. And oh boy I am looking forward to that one); still five more incoming within the next three months.

I know that my wife, whom I love very much, simply does not get it.

“You have more games than you can play” she will tell me often.

But it is much more than just a fun thing for me. It is a hobby, and I as much collect games as I play them. So it is not only about playing a new game. The girls and woman of the family (Two daughters and a wife), do not think it is funny to keep trying new games, but the boys and I do 🙂 They must be pure bred Stinky Goblins.

You have more games than you can play



… but to me it is just a collection. I also have a collection of whiskey, and I do not drink that each and every day. I even have whiskey I would not want to taste, but I like having it in my collection.

It might seem weird, but people collect stamps, stickers, napkins and lots of other stuff. I collect board games 🙂

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