Ragnarok came to the Wednesday gaming group

Don’t you all just love vikings? There is something raw and brutal about them, but at the same time the are clever and cunning. Most board gamers love the vikings, and there are many games where you play a viking.

This Wednesday we were to dive into the viking world just before Ragnarok, and support the gods we each felt would come out the victors after the battle. We were playing Asgard. A game released some years ago that I bought from a guy that found it too complex.

… I find it quite amazing.

In most of the viking games however there is precious little battle and fighting. This is also the case in Asgard. You are a powerful Viking on a semi god state, and you exert your influence in battles on earth, interact with the gods and build temples to the gods you think will win the battles in the seven different worlds. There is a lot more conflict than what we normally play, but it works, it makes the game fun, and when Ragnarok occurs you use the powers you have gathered to ensure that your gods win, but your opponents do the same.

As you can see/read I really like the game. It will be played again, and Får (Sheep), who normally always loses won the game, so when I recommend it for a play at a later stage I am pretty convinced he will back me up 🙂

IMG_0061 Yep – I am a cheapskate”

We then played a game of Glen More. From powerful vikings to Scottish lords of the highlands brewing whiskey and building up your own small county in the Highlands. It is fun, and I will have to find that game for myself, but since our host Thomas already has it I want to find it used at a cheap price. Yep – I am a cheapskate.

This weekend will bring lots of beer and board gaming. Three of my oldest friends and I will be playing Brew Crafters, each having our own micro brewery. Much more complex, than vikings, but still lots of fun.

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