Another Wednesday at the gaming table

Not really my kind of game

A & J

The above quote is from both of my kids after trying out Nations. We were 6 people today where three did a tour around Hansa Teutonica and Orleans (and that is most definitely not a game I like), and my two boys and I did Nations. A game where you have to build up the most powerful nation over four different ages…

… and they did not like it 😦 But does it really matter? Of course it matters if they had come back and said “We hate the game; oh what a waste of time”. They did not because they like playing board games. Their attitude is actually something we all could learn from. They are more like “Well now we know we will not play that game again, but we had fun with the rest of your gaming group”. Really appreciate their approach, and they make me a proud dad 🙂 Although their consistent cursing and name calling towards each other leaves me thinking if someone might be offended. But they mean no ill will towards each other.

We then played a single game of Love Letter. An easy to learn deduction game where you have to get your love letter to the princess while you have to reveal the others evil intent. A fast game that is played within 15 minutes, but a game where I have seen many people have fun, no matter their attitude towards board games. The only game where I have seen more of the “fun” effect is the game we played six people after the other group had finished Orleans.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf is that game. It is a game I used once in a session with socially challenged young people, and they opened up and laughed as I had not seen before starting. My first thought was “This is going to be tough”, but to accuse each other of being the evil werewolves seems to make people laugh.

We played four games, and the most memorable was the first one, as I as an evil werewolf convinced the others that I was a good guy and someone else was evil. That is pretty much the game. One session is about 7 minutes. Fun fun and more fun. Heavy on interaction with the others.

On Friday a lot of my friends, and people I do not know will be gathering at Thomas, who is kind enough to always open up his house, to play board games all through the day. So looking forward to it.

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