Review: Quarriors by Mike Elliot & Eric Lang

The Knight of the Pale is summoned forth. He stands tall and proud, moving forward on a quest of glory. The summoner looks at his creation, but suddenly the knight is attacked; a huge dragon swoops down killing the knight in a blaze of fire.

“Damn”. The summoner curses “The others are here”.

Quarriors is a game where you take on the role of a summoner that is fighting for glory by summoning a wide array of creatures to do your bidding. The creatures are all represented by special special die with different colours.

The game is a game where you summon your creatures by buying them, and then they enter your bag, where you will draw them, you will roll them and hope for the result you need. When you summon a creature it will automatically attack the other summoners’ creatures. The game is for up to four players.

The game really works. You start up with the simplest 12 die, 8 mana die and 4 mana / monster die. You draw six from the bag and roll, summon creatures, buy new, and when the turn comes around you draw six new dies.

Each game is different as you randomly draw nine monsters and three spells you can choose from, so there is a very high level of replay-ability. It is a game with a few years on it, and it has a series of expansions – Quartifacts, Quarmageddon and more. Each adding new creatures to the board.

It is also a game where we always have fun. There are many different strategies, there are many different ways to victory. The cards have some text on it so you need to either be able to read English or translate for those that do not.

It has been in my collection for some time now, and we still bring it to the table. The chaos element of the dice is something I truly enjoy.

It is a game you can introduce to others easily. Fast to learn, and fairly fast to play 60 minutes of game time max.

Will I be playing this game again: Yes.

Will I recommend this game to others: Yes.

Component quality: Good quality. The die are all how dies should be, but they quickly lose some of the colour fill. It has happened in both the main game and the expansions I own. Could have been done better.

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