Gaming session – Glen More and Treasure Hunter

Glen More

Yesterday the usual suspects in the Wednesday gaming Group Skibinge met and played some board games.

The person responsible for the board game choices had to cancel due to work load, so we had to find new games fast. The choice ended on Glen More. A tile laying game where you have to build up a province in the Scottish High Lands.

All players are lined up on a row and the player in the back have to move his/her pawn forward to a tile they want and can build. They then place it in their province and that triggers the effects of the tile and all neighboring tiles.

Then the new player in the back does the same and so on. You score points on Brewing whiskey! Generating the most chieftains (über scottish clansmen), and on owning special tiles (Loch Ness and similar).

Really cool game. Easy to learn. We played another game of Treasure Hunter afterwards. The simple game described elsewhere on my blog. And it was fun that these “hardcore” board gamers laughed and so much fun with such a simple game.

As always the session was fun, and I find it amazing that people I did not know a year ago are now some of the friends I see the most. All brought together by pushing cardboard around, and that is a very important aspect of why I love board gaming. People just come togehter and without judging each other they have fun. Every age can play, and I have yet to see anyone being denied participation if they ask to join.

I know that some view board gamers as geeks, and we might be, but we are geeks with big hearts and with a huge profit margin on tolerance 🙂

Wish you all a happy day out there.

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