A & J, weekend and loads of board games

It has so far been an amazing weekend when looking at all the board games played with my sons. Today both girls and Eva left the house to spend time with friends, and Eva went to a party.

We thought about what to do, and after “long” consideration we decided to play a board game or two…

So we played:

  1. Eight games of 10 to Kill. A fast paced game where you get an assassin, and three targets. You now have to kill them while avoiding the other assassins and the police.
  2. A game of Curse of the Black Dice. Pirates have to work together but only one pirate can win. The pirate with the most treasure wins, but not if we do not survive the adventures. Nice fast dice game.IMG_0093
  3. We got around to a game of Run, Fight or Die. Zombies infests the entire land, and we have to survive and find other survivors. Another dice game – Really fun.
  4. Dungeon Guilds is a really fast game where you have to delve into the dungeon and survive the challenges, and loot treasure. An anime based card game with a fun style. For some reason this game really pissed A off.
  5. And “old” classic Terra Mystica was brought to the table. The only game I have rated 10 at boardgamegeek. Do not get to play that game enough.
  6. And the classic game of Carcassone. A tile laying game, and I really like tile laying games.

I really appreciate that both of them still wants to spend time with me. They are truly amazing. I might offend someone when I say that too many teenagers spend way too much time not being with other people. Instead they spend too much time on Facebook, online games or on iPads. These two teens actually like playing board games with their “old dad”.

Well – just my Saturday – and it has been great fun.


Wednesday and an old timer showed up

Quite a fun Wednesday gaming day with the group. We were eight people participating, and that is actually quite a lot – and that is cool. The actives in the group keep increasing in numbers.


I had promised Eva that I would be home early, and I was not. I was really tired this morning.

First game of the day The Voyages of Marco Polo. A game that I really like as it has all the elements I look for in a game; some randomness (dice), planning and placing for effect, and lots of variation as the board is never the same.

IMG_0085I was glad that I got one of the seats at the table. After having played three rounds it was evident that this night the dice hated me. No matter what I did I rolled so low that I could not get ANY resources. My plan of traveling fast across the map to Beijing worked, but without resources I was decimated.

Actually It does not matter. Still love the game. It is HIGH on my wish list. The only reason I have not bought it yet is because our always generous host Thomas has it.

Now an old timer popped up. This game was designed in 1995 and is older than my son. I once owned a copy but sold it because I thought the game looked boring. Boy what a mistake that turned out to be.

El Grande – a game where you try to control Spain with your military power and clever use of when you act. You are also able to “store” your caballeros in a tower, and three times during your game you can use them as reinforcements. They all come back at the same time, so you have to decide in which Spanish province you need reinforcements. Your enemies might reinforce in that province as well and mess up your plans.

What a great game. I really hate to say it but why on earth did I sell that one? It is funny that we all hunt the new games but within this past month two old timers have given me great experiences. Winner’s Circle – horse betting game and El Grande. Sort of makes me want to find my old Commodore 64 and play some of the old games again.

Next Wednesday has been declared

Let’s play games Brian owns and have never played

Yeah, unfortunately there are a lot. And yeah someone other than me thinks it is funny…

Micro Brewery manager looking for employment

Me after a trip to the sauna and a few beers

A few of my friends are some I have known almost since kindergarten, and that is more than 30 years ago.

This weekend we decided to take a weekend where we did not bring wives, girl friends, kids or anything else that could disturb us and just hang out like “the good old days”. As the only board game geek present I was tasked with bringing a few games. I chose two:


  1. Temple of Elemental Evil – the board game. We were avid role players back when we were younger, and ToEE was one of the best adventures around. So we tried our luck in the temple (and failed).
  2. Brew Crafters. We all have a healthy passion for beer, so managing a micro brewery had to be fun. It was. You control both the purchasing of goods needed for production, the lab, the brewery process, the bottling and the sale. Very cool game.

This post is not to talk about the board games, but more my thoughts about the trip. Is it OK for husbands and dads to leave everything for a weekend to just hang out and be “stupid” again? I actually think so.

When we settle in, I think that we sometimes forget ourselves, we get tangled up in our every day lives, and we loose some of the things that makes us who we are. We did not only play board games – that was actually a very small part of it – we sat in the sauna solving the world crisis’ everywhere. We talked about our kids and lives, we laughed hard about primitive poop jokes, and ran around the garden naked and drunk (the last part about the garden is a small exaggeration).

Some people might feel that it is not ok; that you are leaving the other part of your family at home. But as we talked about, we would come back with even more energy and love for those we chose to spend our lives with every day.

Well – just my Sunday ramblings. I love that I am in a relationship where Eva says “Get out of the house and have fun”, because when I am with her I also have fun. She truly is the love of my life.

All in a good days work

Above – new board games received (some were Kickstarters) within the last month, and there are two more incoming shortly (Run, Fight or Die is one of them. And oh boy I am looking forward to that one); still five more incoming within the next three months.

I know that my wife, whom I love very much, simply does not get it.

“You have more games than you can play” she will tell me often.

But it is much more than just a fun thing for me. It is a hobby, and I as much collect games as I play them. So it is not only about playing a new game. The girls and woman of the family (Two daughters and a wife), do not think it is funny to keep trying new games, but the boys and I do 🙂 They must be pure bred Stinky Goblins.

You have more games than you can play



… but to me it is just a collection. I also have a collection of whiskey, and I do not drink that each and every day. I even have whiskey I would not want to taste, but I like having it in my collection.

It might seem weird, but people collect stamps, stickers, napkins and lots of other stuff. I collect board games 🙂

Ragnarok came to the Wednesday gaming group

Don’t you all just love vikings? There is something raw and brutal about them, but at the same time the are clever and cunning. Most board gamers love the vikings, and there are many games where you play a viking.

This Wednesday we were to dive into the viking world just before Ragnarok, and support the gods we each felt would come out the victors after the battle. We were playing Asgard. A game released some years ago that I bought from a guy that found it too complex.

… I find it quite amazing.

In most of the viking games however there is precious little battle and fighting. This is also the case in Asgard. You are a powerful Viking on a semi god state, and you exert your influence in battles on earth, interact with the gods and build temples to the gods you think will win the battles in the seven different worlds. There is a lot more conflict than what we normally play, but it works, it makes the game fun, and when Ragnarok occurs you use the powers you have gathered to ensure that your gods win, but your opponents do the same.

As you can see/read I really like the game. It will be played again, and Får (Sheep), who normally always loses won the game, so when I recommend it for a play at a later stage I am pretty convinced he will back me up 🙂

IMG_0061 Yep – I am a cheapskate”

We then played a game of Glen More. From powerful vikings to Scottish lords of the highlands brewing whiskey and building up your own small county in the Highlands. It is fun, and I will have to find that game for myself, but since our host Thomas already has it I want to find it used at a cheap price. Yep – I am a cheapskate.

This weekend will bring lots of beer and board gaming. Three of my oldest friends and I will be playing Brew Crafters, each having our own micro brewery. Much more complex, than vikings, but still lots of fun.

Is it possible to use one entire day playing board games?

… the answer is of course yes.

This last Friday we played:

  1. Lords of Waterdeep with expansion.
  2. Roborally (Richard Garfield again 🙂 )
  3. Galaxy Trucker Anniversary Edition.
  4. Treasure Hunter.
  5. Puerto Rico.
  6. 4 games of One Night Ultimate Werewolf.
  7. Discoveries.

Seven different games that were all fun. For inexperienced gamers this might seem like a weird way to spend a day. I was with my two sons A&J, 7 other friends, tons of good games and excellent food (Spareribs).

I will be doing it again, and in April/May ’16 I will be playing an entire weekend with about 60 other enthusiasts.

Another Wednesday at the gaming table

Not really my kind of game

A & J

The above quote is from both of my kids after trying out Nations. We were 6 people today where three did a tour around Hansa Teutonica and Orleans (and that is most definitely not a game I like), and my two boys and I did Nations. A game where you have to build up the most powerful nation over four different ages…

… and they did not like it 😦 But does it really matter? Of course it matters if they had come back and said “We hate the game; oh what a waste of time”. They did not because they like playing board games. Their attitude is actually something we all could learn from. They are more like “Well now we know we will not play that game again, but we had fun with the rest of your gaming group”. Really appreciate their approach, and they make me a proud dad 🙂 Although their consistent cursing and name calling towards each other leaves me thinking if someone might be offended. But they mean no ill will towards each other.

We then played a single game of Love Letter. An easy to learn deduction game where you have to get your love letter to the princess while you have to reveal the others evil intent. A fast game that is played within 15 minutes, but a game where I have seen many people have fun, no matter their attitude towards board games. The only game where I have seen more of the “fun” effect is the game we played six people after the other group had finished Orleans.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf is that game. It is a game I used once in a session with socially challenged young people, and they opened up and laughed as I had not seen before starting. My first thought was “This is going to be tough”, but to accuse each other of being the evil werewolves seems to make people laugh.

We played four games, and the most memorable was the first one, as I as an evil werewolf convinced the others that I was a good guy and someone else was evil. That is pretty much the game. One session is about 7 minutes. Fun fun and more fun. Heavy on interaction with the others.

On Friday a lot of my friends, and people I do not know will be gathering at Thomas, who is kind enough to always open up his house, to play board games all through the day. So looking forward to it.